Support Bubbles

Support Bubbles

This guidance explains how you can now see people you do not live with, while protecting yourself and others from coronavirus. It now includes provisions relating to the new announcements around "support bubbles" which comes into effect in England from Saturday 13th June.

The new rules apply to adults who live alone or with dependent children only. Lone parents with children over the age of 18 will not be able to form a support bubble.

Single adult households can form one ‘support bubble' with one other household. You cannot have more than one support bubble and you should not change your bubble. All those in a support bubble will be able to spend time together inside each others' homes, including overnight, without needing to stay 2 metres apart. From 13th June, you will also be able to meet outdoors with everyone in your support bubble, even if this is more than 6 people. You cannot form a support bubble with another household if neither you nor they are in a single adult household.

Even if you are in a support bubble, you are still not allowed to:

  • meet other people indoors - including in their home or your home - unless you are in a support bubble (from 13th June), or for other limited circumstances listed in law;
  • meet outdoors in a group of more than 6 with people who are not in your household or (where applicable) support bubble, or for other limited circumstances listed in law;
  • stay overnight in another household that is not in your support bubble, unless it is for the limited set of circumstances outlined in law.

If you are in a support bubble, the general advice remains that you should limit your contact with others, maintain social distancing guidelines and take hygiene precautions by washing your hands as soon as you are home for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitiser when you are out, use a tissue when sneezing and dispose of it safely and cough into the crook of your elbow

If you or someone in your support bubble are showing coronavirus symptoms, everyone in your support bubble should stay home. If you or a member of your support bubble is contacted as part of the test and trace programme, the individual contacted must stay at home. If the individual becomes symptomatic, everyone in the support bubble must then isolate.

It is not yet possible for those who are not in a support bubble to start meeting inside other people's homes - that remains against the law unless covered by any other limited circumstances as set out in the law.

If you share custody of your child, and you and your child's other parent are both in separate support bubbles, all households would need to isolate if someone becomes symptomatic in the group.

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding) unfortunately the guidance remains against forming a social bubble at this stage. However, further advice for this specific group is expected next week.

There is no limit on how far you can travel in England to meet members of your support bubble but the recommendation is that you form a support bubble with someone who lives locally wherever possible.

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