Tips for a Crime Free Christmas


Tips for a crime free Christmas


Once again the dark nights are upon us, and the Christmas holidays are just round the corner, so we thought that this would be the ideal time to remind you of some personal safety tips to ensure that you and your family have a safe and crime free festive season.


Personal Safety tips to ensure that you and your family are safe at this time of year.


At home:

  • Remember to lock your doors, even when you are in.

  • Don't leave Christmas presents in full view.

  • Check with your household Insurance to make sure you have the correct cover for extra items.

  • If going out for the evening, give the impression the house is occupied by leaving lights and television/radio on. Shut the curtains.

  • If going on holiday, redirect mail, cancel milk and newspapers and make sure your wheelie bin is taken in.


Christmas Parties and evenings out:

  • Think how you are getting home, nominate a driver or pre-arrange for someone you know to collect you or pre-book a taxi. Know public transport timetables.

  • Do not get in a car if you don't know the occupants and if flagging down a taxi, make sure it is licensed.

  • Travel to your destination with friends, stay with them during your night out and go home with them.

  • If walking, use well populated routes.

  • Look about, be aware of surroundings and people. Inform someone of your route and time you are expected home.

  • Swap mobile numbers with your friends.

  • Try to avoid conflict and being provoked into situations that may put you in danger.

  • Know your alcohol limits and stick to them.


Out Shopping:

  • Don't carry too much cash and keep your purse or wallet close to your body

  • If travelling by car, park in a well lit area, keep all valuables and purchases out of sight

  • If you go for coffee or lunch, don't put your bag over the back of a chair or anywhere readily accessible to others

  • Consider smaller shopping trips - too many bags affords more opportunity for someone to steal from you.



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